Content Scheduler Guide

Digital marketing guidelines to help build and submit assets for Live Nation House of Blues | Club and Theaters websites. This document will assist you on how to submit graphics/images and copy to the website by providing you with specs and guidelines to follow.


Website Specs

Image Naming Requirements

Please remove all spaces from images as well as ampersands (&) and any special characters.


Wrong Way: Restaurant & Bar Blues 1120 x 630 (1).jpg

Correct Way: Restaurant-Bar-Blues-1120x630-1.jpg

Bonus: Image File Names Guidelines are SEO-FRIENDLY.

Digital Tickets Request

Click Here to view Digital Tickets Form

This is our internal form for submitting bugs and site request to HOBE Digital.

Digital Forms keep track of ALL reported website issues and updates.

Only send in an email to on technical issues that are Critical before or after a Digital Ticket is sent in.

NOTE Technical Issues maybe moved to another tracking system for the Development Team. A LNCT Technology Team Member will reach out to the marketer attached to the ticket if this concerns a Digital Ticket sent in.

ALERT Do not send in Maven Form request through Digital Tickets.

ALERT Do not send in tickets on the day of the event or promotion.


Correct Way: HOB NOLA FR Updates 4.26

Wrong Way: Hero Updates

Warning Do not use the same Title for multiple tickets.

Created By:

Add your name to the ticket. If you are not on the list, please register through Marketing Additions. Click HERE to register.

Division By:

C/T Clubs and Theaters

HOB House of Blues

LNSE Live Nation Special Events

PS Premium Seating


Fill in Venue Name.

ALERT Not providing Venue Name could slow the ticket process down.

Issue Type:

Bug Website Errors, Events not showing up

Feature Request Side Bar Ads, Blue Bar Updates

Promo Page Promo Page Request

Hero Submissions Website Hero updates

Artist Spotlight Foundation Room Artist Spotlight Video



Low 1-week turnaround

Normal Up to 3-day turnaround

High 1-2-day turnaround

Critical Immediate attention (Website Errors, Events not displaying). Contact the LNCT Marketing Support at as well as sending in a Digital Ticket.


Include more detailed information about the website update or website bug.

If reporting a website bug include steps to reproduce the bug and/or any relevant details needed to help identify and resolve the problem, and more.


Bugs - include a reference URL for review of the issue.

Copy Updates - include URL page to update.

Promo Pages - include URL for the Promo Page you want it to be placed on. URLs must be hyphenated between words. All URLs are created in LOWER case.

Requested Due Date:

If needed for a specific date. Please place this in description as well.

Allow enough time for request. Heroes are usually 3-day turnaround. Contact LNCT Marketing Support Team to get an time estimation on project.


Bugs - include supporting attachments that might help to identify/resolve the issue (e.g. screenshot, GIF, video, etc.)

Heroes - include Heroes that need to be updated to the website.

Promo Pages - include PSD or image attachment with Creative Service File Name. If file size is too large, load to BOX account and place link in description box.

Maven Form Request

Please make sure that you have completed the setup in Maven Forms and are ready for deployment before submitting your request.

Click HERE to got to Maven Forms.

Form Name:

Provide the name of the Form created in the Mavenforms Widget

Submitted By:

Add your name to the ticket. If you are not on the list, please register through Marketing Additions.
Click HERE to register.

Launch Date:

Date that Form needs to launch. Mavenforms have a fast turnaround but please allow at least a 48hr turnaround.

Desired URL:

Provide a URL that the form will be placed on.


No underscores in URLS. Use Hyphens instead.

No dates. Year is acceptable.

Please try to recycle URLs


Correct Way:

Wrong Way:

Wrong Way:

Wrong Way:

Web Heroes

Web Hero Sizes

Standard = 1600px x 800px

Clubs and Theatres = 1120px x 630px

Event Name = Alt Text Tags

The alt attribute provides alternative information for an image if a user is using an ADA Reader.
AVOID Avoid Special Characters such as ampersands, comas, parathensis, quotations.
Hyphens are okay to use.

BONUS: Alt Text Tags are SEO-friendly

Alt Tags can have keywords that help in web searches.

Web Heroes DO NOT replace Landing pages.

125 character limit for Alt Text.

1 link per Hero

DO NOT display website URL, email address or venue address. The website already provides that information.


Logos do not count as text. Web Heroes can have mulitple Logos.
Social Media Icons are not logos.

Show Heroes

Event Names for Show Heroes automatically generate. Adjust if needed.

Call To Action (CTA)

CTA need to be clearly defined.

Legal Copy

Legal Copy cannot display on Hero.

Small Font

Small font is difficult to read.

Customized Show Heroes

Use Show Hero template created for venue on all show heroes. Customize show hero displays Venue Logo, Title of Event, and Date

Web Hero Example
Longer Title:
Give Some Get Some - Donating a Meal for Every Purchased - Order Now
Shorter Title:
Donating a Meal for Every Purchased - Order Now
Web Hero Example
Longer Title:
American Red Cross Blood Drive - 5.28 and 5.29 - 8:30am to 1:30pm - Click Here for Details
Shorter Title:
Blood Drive - 5.28 and 5.29 - 8:30am to 1:30pm - Details
Web Hero Example
Longer Title:
Coca-Cola Roxy - Marshmello - August 28
Shorter Title:
Marshmello - 8.28


Web Hero Example


Web Hero Example

House of Blues Style Guide


House of Blues Layout
1. Top Bar

Venue Logo / Navigation / Search / Venue

2. Heroes Slider

Hero Size : 1600px x 800px
Show : 5 | Brand: 5

Calendar Layout Calendar Layout
3. Event Detail Image

Event Detail Image Size: 1024px x 683px

4. Calendar Image

Hero Size : 640px x 360px

Colors Palette

HEX: #e45f4d

RGB: 228 95 77  

HEX: #552175

RGB: 85 33 117  

HEX: #325e7b

RGB: 50 94 123  

HEX: ##00135F

RGB: 0 19 95

HEX: #997f56

RGB: 153 127 86 

HEX: #333333

RGB: 51 51 51

HEX: #d3d3d3

RGB: 211 211 211

HEX: #eee

RGB: 238 238 238


Brandon Grotesque Bold
Color: #333333

Heading 1

Font-size: 3.6rem

Heading 2

Font-size: 1.5rem

Heading 3

Font-size: 1.22rem

Heading 4

Font-size: 1.0rem

Heading 5


Heading 6


Helvetica Neue
Color: #333333


font-size: 14px

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